The Parrot’s Perch

Based on a true story, this international thriller about torture and corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement takes place in the seemingly tranquil upper-class world of two American families living in sexy, lush, Samba-soothed Brazil. Rogue American DEA agents “Red” Tucker and his partner Jack Kelly find a wealthy mark at Harvard and arrest him, then follow the arrogant student-turned-drug dealer home to Brazil.

In Rio de Janeiro well-to-do bother and sister, Freddy and Catlin Lauria are headed down diverging paths. Freddy is a ne’er do well ivy leaguer caught up in the treacherous, violent world of drugs and addiction, and seething in anger over a perceived slight from his father. Catlyn is on the the road to Olympic fame and a happily-ever-after life with her high-society fiancee in the sparkling bright world of world-class show jumping.

Disaster strikes when their worlds collide and Catlin is put to the test of ultimate survival. Can Cat endure the ultimate test of sibling rivalry and torture and still come out golden?

From Harvard to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, the action is hard and fast, kinda like Gossip Girls meets White Palace with a feel of The Departed.

As two families struggle to save the Olympic equestrienne and her husband from a fate worse than death, the Parrot’s Perch becomes a reality no one wants to believe. Read more…

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