The Parrot’s Perch

Based on a true story, this international thriller about torture and corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement takes place in the seemingly tranquil upper-class world of two American families living in sexy, lush, Samba-soothed Brazil. Rogue American DEA agents “Red” Tucker and his partner Jack Kelly find a wealthy mark at Harvard and arrest him, then follow the arrogant student-turned-drug dealer home to Brazil.

In Rio de Janeiro well-to-do bother and sister, Freddy and Catlin Lauria are headed down diverging paths. Freddy is a ne’er do well ivy leaguer caught up in the treacherous, violent world of drugs and addiction, and seething in anger over a perceived slight from his father. Catlyn is on the the road to Olympic fame and a happily-ever-after life with her high-society fiancee in the sparkling bright world of world-class show jumping.

Disaster strikes when their worlds collide and Catlin is put to the test of ultimate survival. Can Cat endure the ultimate test of sibling rivalry and torture and still come out golden?

From Harvard to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, the action is hard and fast, kinda like Gossip Girls meets White Palace with a feel of The Departed.

As two families struggle to save the Olympic equestrienne and her husband from a fate worse than death, the Parrot’s Perch becomes a reality no one wants to believe. Read more…

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My second book FREEBIRD is currently in editorial process and I am looking forward to it’s release in 2017.

This book chronicles the author’s journey from being a survivor of the most brutal torture to acceptance and forgiveness and the  fight to put an end to ongoing Human Rights abuses.

Editor Bridget Boland writes “….I am SO excited for you because this book will be amazing…..real talent at writing……it will be fabulous.”

President Dilma Rousseff was recently impeached when it was discovered that she herself, (also a victim of torture) was now involved in corruption scandals in Brasil.  Apparently even with the power go becoming Brasil’s first female President, she was unable to effect any change of the status quo corruption that is systemic and endemic in Brazil.

Riot by Drug Gangs in Brazil Prison Leaves at Least 56 Dead – A prison riot involving gangs vying for supremacy over the cocaine trade in the Brazilian Amazon left at least 56 people dead, the authorities in the city of Manaus said on Monday.

Riots at Brazil’s prisons are common, but the episode in Manaus, which involved decapitated bodies being thrown over the walls of the penitentiary, ranks among the bloodiest in recent decades. Officials expressed dismay over the scenes of slaughter in the Compaj prison, which held more than 1,200 inmates, about triple its official capacity. Read article …

Human Rights Watch Criticizes Brazil for Prison Violence – Overcrowding in Brazilian prisons and the high number of extrajudicial killings by police forces contribute to a cycle of violence in Brazil says group. Read article …

Brazil’s National Truth Commission (Commissão Nacional da Verdade, CNV) presented its final report on the history of the human rights violations committed by the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1964 to 1985 on Wednesday, December 10, 2014.

One of the chapters in the three volume, 4,400 page report was entitled, “Sexual Violence, Gender Violence and Violence Against Women and Children.”

Through its working group “The Dictatorship and Gender,” the CNV took testimony and  detailed the use of rape and sexual violence as a weapon against those the dictatorship considered to be political and social activists or otherwise subversive. It describes how women, including nuns, were raped, how rapes were carried out in the presence of partners and children, and how sexual violence was also committed against victims who were ultimately killed. It also makes mention of the enduring scars, both physical and psychological, left upon those who were sexually violated. Lesbians, bisexuals, homosexuals, transsexuals and the transgendered were subject to particularly cruel violations of personal and human rights.

Read article …

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Audio Recording Karen Keilt speaking at the “Global Feminine Potential Movement”
on November 19th, 2014

      Karen Keilt Interview - Denise Hatch


Brazil is poised to become a powerhouse in the global economy.

And now Brazil is set to host the 2014 World Cup, and shortly afterwards in 2016 it will host the Summer Olympic Games.

There is no better global stage than this for supporters to stand up and say:


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