September’s Liberation Lunch

Brazil is not just about World Cups and Olympics On September 7th, Anmensty Internatioal Tempe’s  speaker will be auhor Karen Keilt (The Parrot’s Perch). She has personally suffered torture at the hands of the Brazilian government. Brazil has gotten positive publicity due to the World Cup and the upcoming 2016 Olympics. At the same time, […]

More Problems For Brasil

As I continue to learn and gain strength from my experiences, I understand that I must continue to focus on my goals.  My goal is to raise awareness about the on-going atrocities that happen in Brasil every day.

Brasil Take A Huge Step Back

Progress often means taking several steps back before you reach your destination.  But today Brasil has taken a huge backward step and I am afraid this step is a perilous one. By stating its intent not to review and prosecute previous acts of torture perpetrated by government officials and employees, Brasil is once again offering […]